Interactive Installation in collaboration with Tsvetelina Tomova -September 2014
IP Camera, Model Train, Perspex, Wood

For the London Design Festival 2014 Camden Collective commissioned the rooftop line as part of their ambitious project High Street High Line. The Collective invited selected artists and designers to take over a number of Camden Towns empty rooftops with the intention of creating a new 'high line' on top of High Street South for the duration of the festival.

The works were to be seen from street level only, encouraging people to rethink the way we use space and imagine the potential of these vacant upper corridors.

The rooftop line was a model train that 'travelled' across the rooftops of Camden. By placing a small web camera at the front of the train and live streaming its footage within the gallery and online, we aimed at taking viewers on a high-journey that is in between physical and fantastic, across the themes of play, travelling and new encounters.

Our goal was to enable the public to experience the space without physically being in it, offering a chance to develop individual narratives based on personal participation.

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