Interactive Installation in collaboration with Catiana Becker - April 2012
Max MSP, Arduino, Projector, Sensors

Starlette” are the little stars of the big screen. In the 1950’s, it was quite common for an future actress to come down to a film festival such as a the notorious festival of Cannes (France). By showing their charm and beauty, the camera would find them and it would be the beginning of a career. Brigitte Bardot, a french actress, became one of the most successful example of starlets in 1953.

This work starts with a sound of knocking that comes from a frame on the wall. We discover a live character that requests to be made free from a photo frame. As the user lifts the frame and let free this character that falls onto the furniture, runs towards the television set, then inside to interact with the opening credits of Raging Bull (1980) by Martin Scorcese. After some time, the user gets annoyed with this character and use a remote control to place the character back in the photo frame.