Interactive exhibit - March 2018
Arduino, Capacitive Sensors, RF transceivers, LEDs

Client: Crown Estate

Agency: Mr President
Design: Squire & Partners
Creative Technologist: Romain Meunier
Photography: James Jones

The interactive exhibit revealed the secrets of St James’s. Made from Jesmonite and brass, it is a three-dimensional top-down map of St James’s including buildings, roads, and key landmarks. When a key landmark is touched, the map triggers an associated cabinet to light up and reveal an artefact and unique story related to the area.

Visitors can discover where John and Yoko met, or where James Bond’s infamous shaken, not stirred martini was created. Investigate the spots where spectacles, the bowler hat and Scotch eggs were all invented.The exhibit serves as not only a piece of interactive artwork but a dynamic way of educating residents and passers-by about this unique area of London.

View the exhibit St James’s Market Pavilion, SW1Y 4AH.