Interactive Installation - June 2013
Arduino, DC Motors, Guitars, Ukuleles, Wood, Fabric

Mon Violon d’Ingres is the evolution of a previous project called Musical Skin.
While both works revolve around the same concept, Mon Violon d’Ingres takes a technical step forward by producing real music – form skin contact between people.
Seeing this little magic happen, strangers touching each other, and checking their different reactions has been a real delight.

The title ‘Mon Violon d’Ingres’  - famous thanks to Man Ray’s photography – refers to the original French meaning of the expression, which indicates a ‘hobby’. 
This installation represents what I love to do, in many ways.

Mon Violon d’Ingres was showcased during the London Design Festival as part of Future Map. It has also been awarded at the 2013 Bilbao B Awards, in the Habitat Category.