Interactive Installation - March 2013
Arduino, GSM Shield, Rotary Dial Phone, Record Player

“Music, for me, represents one of the simplest, most direct means of expression that human created to protest, say, celebrate, seduce, speak, express himself. It is the most rudimentary mean of expression and at the same time the most primary for humanity to express itself”

Sebastien Vidal - TSF JAZZ program director

'Dial A Song’ takes the shape of an old radiogram composed of a rotary dial phone and a record player. 
The caller chooses a song, places the vinyl on the record player and dials the number of the person they want to send that song to.

The song will automatically play when the receiver picks up the phone: all that will be heard on that end is the music. The caller, instead, will only be able to listen to the reactions on the other side of the line, without being able to speak to the person.

‘Dial A Song’ offers an alternative form of communication through music only. Sometimes two people have a lot to say to each other but words would fail them. Music adds an expressive dimension that is hard to explain but very easy to relate to emotionally.

This work also highlights the importance of physicality and analogical technologies in an increasingly virtual world. Making things easier and quicker, Internet has enabled us to do many more things but also decreased the importance we attribute them.

By using a record player, people have to think through the right song they want to share. Digging a vinyl is far more difficult than just downloading a song and, unlike a digital file, vinyl presents physical features that makes it unique and personal. The caller also has to dial a number by remembering digits rather than relying on the mobile phone’s memory. 
These efforts are part of both a ritual and the message of the work itself, adding to its depth and effectiveness.