Interactive object - July 2016
Arduinos, Gas Sensor, Light Sensor, Stepper Motor, LEDs

E-Sommelier is an interactive installation designed to give a new playful dimension to wine tasting by breathing, looking and smelling a glass of wine and visualising the result.

The audience is invited to place their glass of wine in the device. When activated, it swirls the glass in order to expose the wine to more oxygen and release more aromatic etheric, ester and aldehyde molecules that comprise the essential components of a wine’s bouquet.

Then a sensor placed underneath the glass analyses the colour of the wine and reflect it in the floating light around the device.

Finally, a gas sensor, placed on the top of the glass, measures the quantity of volatile organic compounds released and play live the data in the form of coloured light. 

E-Sommelier was part of the Rhone Touch exhibition taking place at Central Saint Martins in July 2016.